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All Pachamama rugs can be used on the floor or on the wall as tapestries. Almost all models can be modified upon customer request. This "custom made" intervention, to be evaluated case by case: for the evaluation of feasibility and costs contact us directly. Here are some of our most popular models.



Bed Throws

Suggested applications: Pachamama rugs, floor cushions and wall tiles add warmth and dimension to both contemporary and traditional environments and can be coordinated with different styles given the vast range of designs. General characteristics: Nearly all rug styles have customized options and will be quoted on an individual basis. Please contact your local representative or Pachamama design team at our head offi ce for quotes. Pachamama leather carpets, rugs and wall hangings have an integral felt backing with 5 cm perimeter leather border and four rear corner openings to facilitate wall hanging. Floor or wall covering. Mallorca suitable for fl oor use only without shoes). Care instructions Pachamama products are made of 100% genuine leather. Wear and tear associated with everyday use enhances the natural patina of leather. Pachamama rugs should be dusted or vacuumed regularly to remove loose dirt. The rugs can be cleaned using a damp cloth with mild soap or saddle soap and cold water solution. A professional leather cleaning kit from Pachamama is also available for finished leathers. These cleaning solutions should not be used on the reverse of the carpet and felt backing. This should be vacuumed. Metal embellishments are antiqued brass and do not need any special care. Constant direct light may modify the natural tone of the leather. We therefore suggest you change the position or direction of your carpet from time to time. If spillage occurs soak up the liquid while it is still a pool. Allow to dry and then gently brush if on the suede or gently rub with Pachamama professional leather cleaner followed by conditioner to remove the stain.